About Kimwan

Since its establishment, our company has been based on domestic and overseas markets, taking product quality as the foundation, customer satisfaction as the goal, and honesty as the concept of cooperation. We are constantly exploring new technologies, new demands, new products in the field of carbon and graphite. After years of unremitting efforts, the company has achieved rapid development and established several R&D, production and processing locations.

Our Served Fields
  • Metal & Refractory

    ● Carbon Raiser
    ● Ultra-fine Graphite for Powder Metallurgy
    ● Graphite Electrodes
    ● Graphite Crucibles
    ● Graphite Molds for Sintering
    ● Graphite Molds for Casting
    ● Graphite Degassing Rings & Rotors

  • Batteries

    ● Anode Materials
    ● Carbon-based Bipolar Plates

  • Automotive & Rail Road

    ● Carbon and Graphite Friction Materials
    ● Ultra-fine Graphite for Powder Metallurgy
    ● Carbon and Graphite Sealing Parts
    ● Pantograph Carbon Strips
    ● Collector Carbon Sliders

  • EDM

    ● Graphite for EDM

  • Heat Treatment

    ● Graphite Heating and Structural Parts
    ● Graphite Charging Parts

  • PV & Semiconductor

    ● Graphite for Monocrystal Silicon Furnace
    ● Graphite parts for Polycrystalline Ingot
    ● Purified Graphite Electrodes

  • Mechanical Applications

    ● Carbon and Graphite Friction Parts
    ● Carbon and Graphite Sealing Parts

  • Aerospace & Defense

    ● Carbon and Graphite Sealing Parts
    ● Graphite Molds

  • Tailored Products & Solutions

    For Each Customer

  • 20-Year Experience

    In Carbon & Graphite

  • 2 R&D Centers

    To Bring Intelligent Support

  • 3 Manufacturing Locations

    To Ensure Production Of Scale

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